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For just $39 each a month our agents will answer your calls around the clock. No service can beat that.

Secure the customers that you could lose to your competitors by having a friendly operator answer all of your calls.

  • Operators based in the United States and available 24/7.
  • Quick answering in three rings at most..
  • Messages delivered by your choice of fax, email, or text.
  • No fees for set-up or programming of your phone script.

What makes an answering service beneficial for your business?

While there are countless benefits to using our phone answering service, it is most advantageous because it allows current and future customers to speak with a company during non-operational hours. Typically, small businesses are rarely open at all hours of the day, every day of the week, meaning that it is vital that clients have a resource to contact should they have any questions during these times. Of course, this makes our competitively priced services the perfect addition to your business to give your clients this invaluable resource.

Potential prospects are missed with unanswered calls. Clients call to speak to a person, and not an automated system. Of course, this idea is supported by data, such as a 2011 study executed by Consumer Reports.

On an irritability scale ranging from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, consumers reported that not being able to speak to a human representative on the phone ranked at an 8.9! In contrast, an irritability score of 8.5 was reported when multi-step processes are required.

As a point of comparison, consumers ranked aggressive salespeople in stores at an irritability score of 8.2. This demonstrates that even the most annoying salespeople are better than the inability to speak to a live person on the phone.Having to depend upon voicemail entails further problems. The primary issue is that most potential clients will fail to leave a message. If they feel as if they can quickly contact one of your competitors, why not do so instead of waiting for you?

Additionally, time-sensitive or pressing issues often mean that individuals will choose the first company that they can speak to. These potential customers are then lost forever if your business is closed at the time, especially because no one will be there to answer the phone. Say goodbye to ineffective, cold voicemail and hello to our services that provide you with a professional, improved alternative.

Stop worrying about missed calls and begin focusing on what matters by implementing our high-quality business telephone answer services for your company.

Our competitively priced service has you calls covers

You may be wondering, how does this service work? By routing calls to one of our personable operators, we answer your phone calls when you can’t. We implement your script in order to obtain the message and phone number of the current or potential customer. Then, you are given this information via email, text, or fax, depending upon your preferences. After, you can determine when it is most appropriate to return the phone call. In some instances, you may not even need to call, as an email might be sufficient to acknowledge that their message was received.

Whether you are juggling multiple calls, are too busy to come to the phone, or are closed and have no one there to answer the phone, you can depend upon our services to ensure that your customers aren’t lost to competitors for any of these reasons. All of your callers will be approached with friendly, caring service, guaranteeing that you will never lose a customer due to an overabundance of calls again.

With our services beginning at just $39 monthly, we are also one of the most reasonably priced services in the industry.

Our services for your business can’t be surpassed

Answering Live Operators Ready To Go

Personable operators based in the US, and never overseas, will answer all of your calls in a way that is both professional and polite, avoiding the use of an automated system once and for all.

Our services are ideal for businesses that require an affordable solution for missed calls. When you choose First Answering Service handles all your calls, you can eliminate the endless ringing, busy signals, and impersonal automated messages that tend to drive potential clients away.

Are you ready to begin?

if you’re ready for a comprehensive service that resolves your phone answering woes once and for all, you can sign up for our services below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us prior to making a final decision.