3 Things Your Answering Service Should Do for Customer Satisfaction

Posted on December 5, 2016

Small businesses that do not want to hire extra employees to field questions and complaints over the phone frequently turn to an answering service to provide this essential need. Having a professional phone agent who answers calls promptly lets the customer know they are important. However, for complete customer satisfaction, there are three unique things that every person working with your answering service should say.

1 – Always Use an Appropriate Greeting

What the answering service agent says at the beginning of every call and how they say it can color the rest of the interaction and either lead toward more frustration or greater satisfaction. People who call your business want quick service whether they are placing an order, ask a question, or lodging a complaint.

Keep the greeting short. Use identifying information. Keep things friendly yet professional. Do not waste any time. Saying, “Good morning. ABC Company. How can I help you today?” Leads more quickly to a positive customer service experience than something like, “Good morning. How are you today, dear? I would be happy to help you with anything you need today. Do you have an order to place?”

The first example includes a pleasantry, identifies the company so the caller knows they got through to the right place, and immediately gives the caller the ability to relay the reason for their call. The second example includes time-wasting small talk, overfamiliarity, and tries to push the caller into place in order when they may actually just have a question.

2 – Offer the Right Type of Help Right Away

Every agent who works with an answering service for a particular company should clearly know and understand their rules about making special offers and issuing refunds or taking returns. If a caller wants to place an order, the process is simple and taken care of quickly. If they have a question of fact, such as if a particular product is in stock or what time you shop closes, these can also be handled with ease.

If the question is more open-ended or if a complaint is involved, the answering service must be able to deal with it quickly and focus on the greatest benefit for the customer. This is not the time to say, “Yes, I can help you with that today. We at ABC Company always strive to give you the best customer satisfaction. I understand you have a complaint and will do everything in my power to solve it for you right now.” Just get to the point.

If the company offers refunds, explain the refund policy. If the customer wants to return something, explain clearly how that works and if any shipping or restocking charges apply. The answering service should not tell the customer they are going to help them and will do everything to give quality customer service, they should just do it.

3 – Upsell, Cross Sell, and Make Offers the Right Way

Unless the customer who called the answering service is extremely dissatisfied and will never do business with the company again, the phone agents have an opportunity to improve the overall customer satisfaction quotient by sharing special offers. Every contact with an existing customer should include a gentle yet effective marketing pitch for another product or service.

These should be tailored to the customer’s conversation if at all possible. If your company sells pet toys and the person just put in an order for catnip mice, making an offer that pertains to cat owners makes much more sense than trying to push bird cages.

The answering service needs to engage whoever calls in a professional yet friendly manner that focuses on the best customer satisfaction possible but also seeks to improve company’s standing and bottom line. With these tips, any business can benefit greatly engaging the services of an answering service system.

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