6 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty With Customer Service

Posted on January 3, 2017

No one involved with any type of business could argue that customers do not appreciate personalized service. Quality customer service is one of the cornerstones of the decision about which brand to buy or which company to do business with. Of course, availability of products, services offered, and good value all encourage more consumers to choose your company over others as well. This choice combined with a positive customer experience leads to what is known as brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty is the ultimate goal for any business. To put it simply, when a customer chooses your brand on a regular basis for a long period of time even if offered a new option or lower price, they have what is known as brand loyalty. Any business owner can easily see that this leads to long-term professional relationships that can be quite lucrative and contribute to overall success.

These six customer service characteristics and practices can help any company build brand loyalty and maintain it through the years.

1 – Always Provide Top Quality Products and Services

It stands to reason if you only offer high-quality products and services, people will be more likely to come back and pay for them again. Always research potential new products or recommendations carefully before you make decisions. Recommend a dud or a scam and brand loyalty may suffer quite a bit.

2 – Give Customers or Clients Something They Did Not Expect

Nothing will get the buzz on social media going more than an unexpected benefit or bonus when a person places an order or hires your company to perform some task. Advertised sales are great and attract attention, but the excitement and word-of-mouth advertising that can stem from slipping of freebie or a discount coupon into an order can’t be beat. That person will be loyal for life and will tell her friends and family.

3 – Go Beyond the Call of Duty With Customer Service

While every company has a set response to particular complaints, it does not hurt to go above and beyond on occasion. Waive a shipping or restocking fee once in a while or send a replacement with a refund because the product was supposed to go on sale the next week.

4 – Take the Time and Effort to Make It Personal

These days consumers want a personal connection with the companies they use. Build brand loyalty by speaking to people instead of a consumer base. When you engage on social media, call people by their names and make comments that pertain to their particular situation or interests.

5 – Ask For Customer Feedback and Suggestions and Listen To It

Feedback forms and questionnaires are omnipresent in the small business world, and plenty of businesses solicit advice or suggestions from people who have made purchases or placed orders in the past. If nothing ever comes of these comments, customers will not feel appreciated or listened to. Try choosing a new product color or service offer based on a customer poll.

6 – Give an Incentive to Be Loyal

Although brand loyalty can come from the quality of customer service, product selection and value, and a personal approach to your overall business practices, sometimes it helps to offer consumers an incentive to come back again and again. Loyalty or rewards programs work as long as everything else is in place to give your customers and clients a positive experience.

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