Build the Perfect Pitch for Small Business Phone Customer Service Calls

Posted on December 5, 2016

A professional answering service should do more for your small business than answer questions, give out basic information, take orders, and field customer complaints. With the proper motivation and training, the phone agents can also improve your bottom line by delivering the perfect pitch during customer service calls.

When a person calls a company, they should expect to receive some type of marketing message. The secret to making them effective is to tailor the particular one to the customer service reason and keep things short and actionable. Follow the steps to build the perfect pitch that any small business answering service can use to increase profits and positive customer service experience.

Step 1 – Identify the Different Types of Callers

When a customer or client picks up the phone and calls a business’s customer service number, they usually want one of three things. First, they may want general information about the company, its products or services, or things like hours of operation or shipping times. Second, the customer may want to place an order for a product or service they have already researched elsewhere such as on the company website or in a shop. Third, people call customer service lines to lodge complaints or to arrange returns and refunds.

Each of these three types of customers who may call a small business answering service needs to be approached differently when it comes to making a special offer pitch.

Step 2 – Create Targeted Offers With New or Listing Products or Services

Each of the types of phone service callers listed above would respond best to a different type of pitch or offer. Of the three, the customers who are actually ordering product are the easiest pitch to. Simply upsell or cross-sell to a more expensive product, an item associated with the first, or a larger service package.

People who call with a simple question should get a pitch that focuses on something new, time-sensitive, or limited that may entice them to consider buying even though they did not intend to in the beginning. What product or service is affordable and easy to push?

The most difficult person to create an effective pitch for is the one who wanted to return a product or had a complaint. These people are already dissatisfied with what the small business has to offer. Suggesting an alternative to the product they did not like may work. Making an offer that is low enough to seem like an apology can also be effective.

Step 3 – Write the Offer Using Actionable Language

Since the agents at the answering service need a script or information to convey the pitch to the customers, someone in your small business needs to write up the offer in such a way as to encourage action. Whatever marketing team you use should understand how to craft actionable offers. Consider these spa and skincare business examples:

To a Customer Placing an Order – “Thank you for buying our hand cream today. We also offer a nourishing lotion for tired feet that is 25% off today. Can we interest you in that?” Everyone likes saving money, so a discount offer definitely encourages larger purchases.

To a Customer Asking a Basic Question – “The ABC Spa closes at 5:00 PM today. We have a special offer on hot stone massages until Friday. Would you like to schedule an appointment?” Offering something extra that the caller may not have considered before may get them through the door.

To a Customer Making a Complaint or Returning a Product – “We are very sorry that the exfoliating scrub irritated your skin. We do offer a line of sensitive skin products. They are so popular that we are having trouble keeping them in stock. I do have one order left that I could ship out to you right away.” Offering an alternative better suited to the individual and implying that many customers are satisfied can alleviate the negative feelings that arise when the product causes a problem instead of solves one.

When formulated correctly, the perfect pitch used by an answering service during customer service calls can increase sales, convert more leads to customers or clients, and alleviate any negative reputation that may build due to complaints. The secret is to tailor each offer to the person on the other end of the phone. Offer people what they want even if they do not know they want to get and more profits will soar.

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