Find the Right Balance Between Professionalism and Personality for Your Company

Posted on January 3, 2017

Now more than ever, people want relationships with the companies they do business with. Although the professional world may never go back to knowing each customer by name and asking about their wife and kids when they come into the shop, taking the time and energy to treat customers or clients in a friendly manner will pay off no matter what size business you run.

This does not mean, however, that you treat customers or clients like friends. Companies that err on the side of personality may scare off some potentially lucrative business because they became too familiar and forgot to be professional at the same time.

When to Let Your Company’s Personality Shine

Different types of companies lend themselves to different levels of personality and professionalism by their very natures. For example, a skateboard design shop will probably have a more laid-back and personable attitude toward customers than a business that provides network security to banks.

There are also differences between types of friendliness that you can engage in as well. The above-mentioned skateboard shop might provide customer service peppered with jokes and fun anecdotes of performing tricks on the boards. A medical supply center that caters to in-house care for disabled elderly individuals would be friendly in a very caring and understanding way rather than joke around too much.

No matter what, all customer service should be handled in a friendly manner. Phone answering service agents should speak with a smile in their voice and email responses should include short pleasantries and gratitude for every customer’s business. One of the best ways to retain customers and clients in the future is to give them excellent service. Being friendly is one facet of this. Not wasting their time and actually finding solutions to their problems are the others.

When to Stick With Professionalism

It is both easier and more appropriate to express friendliness and personality when the customer service contact is positive. If somebody calls in with a complaint, especially when they are quite angry because their product did not perform as intended or there was some mistake with their service, it is not the time to crack jokes or share small stories about topical matters.

Angry or dissatisfied customers require professionalism and immediate help. Of course, the answering service agent, communicating employee, or another representative of the company should always be friendly. However, it is important not to be too friendly because it wastes time that could be spent better finding a solution for the customer’s problem.

Small and medium businesses may struggle to find a balance between personality and professionalism in all their customer service dealings. This may be especially true for companies with only a few employees who all work together to bring their passions to reality. If you struggle to provide prompt and effective customer service to people who call in, email, or contact your company in any other way, it might be a great idea to hire outside professionals such as a telephone answering service to help.

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