What Happens When Customer Service Calls Do Not Get Answered?

Posted on January 3, 2017

Imagine this. You and your employees are racing to meet the deadline on a challenging project for a difficult client. Perhaps a whole page got lost in a computer crash, or someone called in sick. It didn’t help that the coffee machine broke that morning and the office next door has started noisy renovations. In the midst of all the chaos and stress, the telephone begins to ring.

For small businesses, one or two disruptions can spell the difference between a job well done and happy customers or clients and disaster. In the above example, the question about whether the difficult client will be satisfied with their project or not is still up in the air. However, the person on the other end of that ringing telephone seems to be destined for a worse fate.

With no one to answer the phone, and perhaps no one even hearing it ring, that may mean missed opportunity and profits. The caller could be an existing customer or client or someone who is still trying to decide if they should hire your small company to work for them.

Reactions From a Missed Customer Service Phone Call

When a business call gets missed, your company may not get a second chance to woo that customer or client. Thinking perhaps your company is too busy, unprofessional, or simply shut down, that person will move on to their second option. You will never know if the caller was prepared to pay large sums of money to provide a particular service or wanted to buy whole cases of your most expensive product.

If the caller was an existing customer or client, it will be difficult to recover the same level of trust and appreciation that they may have had previously before you missed their phone call. This may be especially true if your small business does not maintain a brick-and-mortar shop or office. Since creating an online business that looks reputable can be relatively easy, a missed call may signify to the caller some sort of scam or fly-by-night organization.

While the customer or client will undoubtedly get through the second or third time they call, or end up sending an email that will be answered when the office is not so busy, that seed of disquiet will have already been planted in their mind. Lack of positive customer service experience every single time results in less willingness to do business with a company again or to recommend it to colleagues, friends, or family.

Even in the most organized and well-run small business, things can go wrong and disrupts the best workflow situations. To prevent the negative reactions that occur if a customer service call goes unanswered, outsourcing phone communications to an answering service provides an excellent solution. This choice allows your company to be immediately accessible at any time and gives both potential and existing customers and clients peace of mind that they are important to you and you are dedicated to their satisfaction.

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