Top 3 Benefits of a 24-Hour Business Answering Service

Posted on January 3, 2017

If your small business is not yet engaging the services of a professional phone answering service, you may be missing out on the opportunity to impress customers, convert leads, and save yourself time, money, and Frustration. Besides the convenience and surety that you will never miss a call again, being able to take calls, messages, or relay a script to consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week can have a great impact on the level of success you realize.

A 24-hour answering service provides considerable benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. These are the top three:

Stay Accessible to Any Part of the World

The Internet, and before that international calling, have turned almost every marketplace and industry into a global business. Even if your company only does business within the United States, different time zones can leave some customers feeling left out or ignored.

For example, if someone in California gets home from work at 6 PM their time, a company in New York is probably already closed for the day. If that person calls up to ask about their order or find out if a particular product is in stock, they will not be able to get a hold of anyone who can help them. Without a 24-hour answering service, the best they can hope for is voicemail.

An Answering Service Seems You Time and Money

Can you imagine how much you would need to spend to hire multiple employees who can man the phones around the clock? Remember, they would also need desks to sit at and telephone equipment to use. Using an answering service instead seems to be a no-brainer.

But why should the answering service specifically be active for 24 hours a day? Although not too many consumers would make a phone call to a business at 3 AM, they may make one at 6:00 PM when most of your employees are gone for the day. If you pay your employees by the hour, those leads telephone calls can push their paychecks into overtime, which ultimately cost you even more money.

24-Hour Service is Professional and Competitive

Partly because of the aforementioned difficulties with dedicating staff to answering phone calls all day and night, many companies do not offer 24-hour customer service. They undoubtedly use voicemail to collect customer or client messages and deal with them in the morning or force people to use email or post on social media pages.

The vast majority of consumers respond favorably to excellent customer service. This has been shown in various studies from various sources for years. The more personal and timely the service is, the more the customer feels appreciated and understood. This also makes it easier for them to recommend your company to their friends and family.

A 24-hour business answering service allows you to tackle vital tasks like product procurement, development of marketing campaigns, reputation management, and bookkeeping instead of being distracted by intermittent phone calls. It also allows your company, no matter how small, to compete in a global marketplace where consumers sometimes find it difficult to determine the best business to support.


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